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She is the front cover of the November issue of Nylon Magazine. And making sure she caught people's attention at the magazine's America The Issue celebration party, Lana Del Rey appeared in a revealing fish net top. The star was hard to miss as she stood in front of a large American flag backdrop in the sultry top, revealing her black bra at the Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villason on Friday.

I look for you in magazines / Where when I was a beauty queenCollapse )


Catfish’s season two finale proved that it’s a lot less creepy when Sting says, “I’ll be watching you.” As for girls doing drive-bys at your work? Back. Away. Slowly.

“You have a stalker, and you probably know her”Collapse )

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On rapper Bow Wow’s minor 2001 hit “Ghetto Girls,” he has a line about loving real-ass chicks who “won’t front for some Mickey D’s.” I’m sure that was a real priority for him at the time, being 13 and all, but last night’s Catfish saw a woman taking the lyric a little too seriously.

They do not Skype because of bad connections on Bow Wow’s end.Collapse )

It’s yet another new episode of MTV’s Catfish. Tonight, we head to Detroit to meet Derek. Derek has been unlucky in love. He has two children with two different women and just got out of the army. He believes he found love in Kristen.

So on top of the whole “23-year-old daddy” thing, he’s got trust issues like his name’s Drake.Collapse )
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I cannot wait for next week's episode. Bow Wow? Girl please.
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Lana announced that Tropico would be released at the end of the month while on stage in Istanbul (click here for video).